Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrity style in Paris

Spanish actress Paz Vega made an appearance at a Christian Dior fashion show in Paris, wearing a beautiful pair of satin short gloves for every day.

And it goes to show that life can be very unexpected... when one attends a fashion show, you never know you will be sitting beside...

... none other than the beautiful Dita Von Teese, who was sporting a full leather ensemble from head to toe, including a pair of glossy extra-long leather gloves.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ines Gloves' glove of the week which should not be missing in your wardrobe

Take part in this season's hottest fashion trend... indulge in a pair of short glace gloves for everyday!

The most important design feature of these gloves is the way they conform to the contours of your hand. Truly, a fit like no other. These gloves are unlined, making them feel even more like a second skin.

What does your glove color say about you? Match your unique personality to a pair of unique short glace leather gloves for everyday... only from Ines.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ines Gloves' glove of the week! the Gloves Bolero!

This week's glovey feature literally wraps your body in soft, sensual leather! The elegant leather gloves bolero is a uniquely new design that adds a touch of creativity to your wardrobe.

As you wrap this delightful body glove around yourself, take in the wonderful scent of high quality kidskin leather... soft, supple, fantastic! This bolero glove has an elegant mock collar, and can either tie in the front (as pictured above) or wrap around your body in many creative ways. It's also unlined, which means this soft leather will lie directly against your skin. A must-have for any leather lover!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer glovey etiquette

If you're like me, and your glove shelf is filled with Ines Gloves, then how can you possibly decide which gloves to wear during the day? An easy answer is to match your gloves to the coat or ensemble you put together, but ladies' etiquette is much more specific...

  • when attending a summer party or a social event during the day, wear a brightly-colored, fun glove with a unique design. I am a big fan of coquettish leather gloves, a happy twist on the glace glove and available in uplifting colors all made from the softest Italian leather. 

  • are you spending the day sightseeing or visiting the theatre amidst the bustle of a new city? Then put on a pair of short leather gloves with a dainty pearl for the occasion! This elegant glove is perfect for attending an upscale event, complemented by the sweet pearl attached to the wrist. This glove simply whispers "elegance"... 

  • looking for something casual? Well, a pair of extremely long black leather gloves will undoubtedly fit the bill! These gloves are truly unique, and can easily be worn on a casual afternoon or with an evening gown. You decide... 

  • and what wardrobe can be complete without a pair of driving gloves? Summer or winter, Ines has a style to suit your driving needs. Might I recommend a unique pair of fingerless fashion driving gloves? These are stylish and practical, without making your hands too warm in mild weather. If you need a cool weather alternative, these gloves come in the original driving glove design.  

As we all know, quality reigns supreme, even in the glovey world. As such, gloves should fit like a second skin without being too tight, and are most elegant when made from kidskin leather. A smart pair of leather gloves look their best when in a neutral color and a classic style. At Ines, we have gloves to suit every purpose, every style, and every elegance...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hand Care and Protection

Take care of your hands!

Look at your hands now and tell yourself what you see?

Beautiful and gorgeous hands are so important.
Hands tell everything about yourself, how you live your life and love your body.
They say that hands give a woman's age away, well so what!
But gorgeous hands are the carriers of your personality, no matter in what situation and age you are.

You may wear fancy designer clothes; imagine the negative effects if you combine these fancy clothes with abandoned hands.
Look around you and see how hands are the centre of communication.
At a party, or even a job interview, your hands are your business card.

Your hands are the ultimate tool invented ever, but you don’t realize how important these tools are. You just use them all day:
shaking hands, cooking, doing your hair, feel, touch, work, write.
Endless, think about this for a second.

Hand care and protection with leather gloves

And decide now, no matter what your age is, to treat them as your treasure.

  • The skin of the hand is so thin, protect the skin.
  • Pamper your hands with your personal handlotion, 4 times a day.
  • Exfoliate once a week with a face exfoliater.
  • Use once a week your face nightcream also on your hands before you go to sleep.
  • Get accustomed to using rubber gloves whenever you do housework.
  • Prevent your hands from aging or abusing.
  • Protect your hands from dry weather as well as protecting them from the sun.
  • Use daily a protective barrier.
  • Wearing fine well made quality leather gloves could help too!

In other words:
The best way to take care of your hands is to protect them. 

Take care,


Friday, June 10, 2016

Essential colours for your spring and summer wardrobe

This spring, colours are more important to the wardrobe as ever before, and are significantly more vibrant than in the past. Watch how the addition of Ines Gloves in bright, happy colours can make for a beautiful spring...

One word: street style. This spring, the streets come alive with bright colours that are paired in ways like never before. Yellow, red, pink, and black are all brought together with a pair of punched leather driving gloves, which centres these vibrant colours and just works.

Enter the dependable pastels of spring... with a delightful twist of fabric and colour... Ines Gloves! Emerald ostrich leather with cerulean blue and short glace gloves for every day in classic white, and chartreuse with forget-me-not pink and coquettish leather gloves in Ines' newest colour, my grass green. Feel the warmth and freshness of the season with a pair of extra long stretch leather gloves in a happy blue and a sundress to complement...


This season, enjoy all of the happiness of spring with the season's essential colours! Now available in the Ines Gloves' gloveshop...

Friday, June 03, 2016

Invite Ines Gloves (& Vera Wang) to your special day...your wedding

Wow! Vera Wang is known for her graceful gowns, but her vision for spring brides is simply stunning. Beautiful black leather gloves begin to grace the bridal runways... and with that in mind, let us look closer at how to make Ines Gloves part of your very special day...

This silk, plunging, v-neck gown pairs perfectly with glossy extra long leather gloves. The elegance of these beautiful leather gloves works so well with the silky sheen of the fabric and the elegant, timeless simplicity of the dress' silhouette. Exactly what our intention is with Ines...

Princesses everywhere, look out! The dress looks like something out of a fairytale, with yards of fabric, sweetheart neckline, and elegant rounded top long leather gloves.


Oh-so-sexy shoulders is the theme for these dresses. The cut of the crew-cut bodice (on right, above) and the unique sweetheart neckline (on left, above) complement the elongated shoulder high leather gloves, leaving just enough bare skin to keep things interesting. A true sense of mystery and sensuality... 

In this look, a frothy lace shirt is used to soften the v-shaped neckline. A sleeveless wedding dress is the perfect way to complement sky-high glossy long leather gloves.

Stay tuned for more beautiful ways to incorporate Ines Gloves into your special day....